Bill Lage is more than a disc jockey. He engages teens, draws them in, makes them feel a part of things, but takes pride in reinforcing gospel messages from the (rest of the) day. He makes dances more of a community celebration. If he had been around when I was in high school, I might have learned to dance and not been a wallflower. Mixing social skills and gospel messages– a great combination.

Mike Patin

National Catholic Speaker

Diocesan Youth Rallies and DJ Bill Lage go hand in hand! Bill is a multi-talented professional DJ who understands the many nuances of youth culture. Those that feel they are too cool for a dance are in for a surprise when they meet Bill. Bill has the innate ability to draw youth out of their “cool” collective selves to a new level of genuine happiness. His magnetic spirit, deep faith, passion for life, dynamic stage presence and competent leadership combine to make him one of the most sought after and valuable personalities for a Catholic youth event in our region (Region 8) of the country.

Bill is able to respond to the various needs of an event. He can perform on stage 30-45 minutes prior to the starting time of the event, creating an openness of heart among participants. He is very effective in presenting workshops, excellent with technology, and is the best DJ I have ever worked with. Incorporating Bill into various areas of the event throughout the day has proven to make a difference in how the audience relate to him during his evening show.

Bill Lage creates a safe place – an uplifting environment for young and “old” alike. I will not do an evening dance without him. Why? He knows how to play “youth friendly” music while maintaining the Christian integrity of the event. He puts on an amazing show that draws in EVERYBODY, from the youngest teen to the oldest chaperone.Bill brings greater success to each of my events. When Bill Lage is at the helm for the last two hours of an event, participating teens leave uplifted and positive about the entire program.

Bill is a very faith-filled Catholic. He emphasizes the Church as “The Body of Christ,” which makes for a nice lead-in to Mass and an excellent “sending forth” during the last part of his show. I highly recommend Bill Lage for your youth event. You will be very happy you hired him!

Ray Hollcraft

I have been involved in the planning and execution of Catholic youth events for many years. When I heard that the coordinators were having a DJ to host a dance at the diocesan youth rally, I had serious reservations. ‘How can this possibly go well and be appropriate for a Catholic Youth Rally.’ When the time for the dance came, I was holding my breath waiting for disaster. Nothing could have been further from the truth. Not only was the dance a great success, it was totally appropriate for the event. DJ Bill had complete control of the situation the entire evening and kept the youth focused and entertained with his interactive and engaging style. I would highly recommend DJ Bill Lage to any youth leader that is looking for a high energy, interactive, appropriate dance “solution” for their event. DJ Bill does a great job!

Nathan Metzinger

Manager of the Christian band Sonar

DJ Bill Lage was a key ingredient in the success of our last youth rally. Bill was getting the teens involved and excited as soon as they walked in the door. He is energetic and spirit-filled. In the midst of his silliness, music, and dance moves, the teens found themselves compelled to be an active part of the day.

In my years of ministry I know that a lot of teens are required to attend certain events and arrive looking for every possible opportunity to say, “This sucks!”. Bill never gave them an opportunity. In fact, in less than an hour even the most negative teens were saying, “This isn’t too bad.” That kind of a foundation is central to the success of a youth rally. Bill started our rally with some songs and activities for the teens at 9:30, by 9:45 he had earned every cent we paid him.

Bill is not only a DJ. He is a Catholic Christian performer. He has the ability to share his faith within the context of listening to fun and moving music. Instead of just providing music for a dance, DJ Bill provides music for a communal celebration. This added structure keeps us free from worry about lyrics and hidden messages in music, because DJ Bill only plays songs that he knows to be appropriate. By leading the participants in dance moves and calling teens on stage to help, he keeps even the unskilled dancers involved. Teens who don’t like to dance are also able to take part in his experiences because he mixes music with fun ice-breakers and games the teens enjoy. Anyone can play music, but only DJ Bill can do so in a way that involves everyone and proclaims the gospel at the same time.

I am looking forward to having DJ Bill perform at future rallies.

Kevin Feyen

Director of Youth/Young Adult Ministry, Archdiocese of Dubuque

I’m sorry I did not get a chance to visit with you at the East Grand Forks Rally last week. I was in the Vocation Office Booth the whole evening and keeping track of the teens the rest of the day.

You asked a young man up to the stage to help with a cow bell. His name is Tyler. One of our kids. He is in the RCIT program in our parish. His family is Lutheran and his desire to enter the Church has caused some friction in the community. But as he is still a minor, we told him that he has to honor his parents wishes. His parents are supportive of his journey, but they did not think that he was this serious about his decision to explore the Catholic faith. He celebrates the Rite of Welcome this Sunday. Your engaging him at the dance was a big affirmation for him. My wife in the RCIA coordinator and met with Tyler just last evening. Tyler filled her in with all this detail of the dance. Just thought I’d pass that along to you.

Thanks Bill.

Mitch W.

Diocese of Crookston High School Youth Rally, East Grand Forks, MN

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